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Mobile & Full-Stack Developer

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Ever since I took my first class in Programming Logic, I fell in love with it. What I love programming is that it calls all my passions; It incorporate problem solving and creativity. I Always strive to deliver perfect results, including a design that is responsive (looks great on all devices), optimized, and with a superior code quality. Coding is not just a work for me, is also a hobby. I can get home after work and start coding on a project of my own.

I also love learning. I consider myself a quick learner, where I will always try to gain new skills. Some of my skills include responsive design principles, website optimization, MVC & MVVC, and mobile development including Android (Java), iOS (Swift, Objective-C) and Flutter Framework. So far, I have worked & played with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git/GitLab, Node.JS, Oracle SQL, AWS Services, Microsoft Azure, Firebase, React Native, Spring, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, Microservices, CI/CD, Flutter, Dart, React, and learning new stuff every day.

I do not have a favorite. I can do Web Development, Mobile Development, Back-end Development, or Full-Stack Development, and still enjoy it while giving a 200%.


Evertec, Inc.

Sr. Software Developer

  • Mobile Development for MiBanco 4.0 Redesign in Flutter
  • Establish project coding standards, including Unit-testing, UI testing, Networking, Architecture, State Management and structure.
  • Implement Delivery Pipeline, including Static Code Analysis, Code Coverage & Code branching strategy.
  • DevOps Unit-Testing Champion, in charge of implementing and documenting best coding practices for Mobile Development.
  • Mentor new team members and help them integrate fast with the team.
  • Administer Kobiton Service for Device farm
  • Continuously give workplaces members tech-talk with new technologies.
  • Participate in estimates, and act as backup team leader when needed.

Evertec, Inc.

Software Developer

  • Mobile Development for Mi Banco Apps (Android & iOS).
  • Web Development for Popular Bank Website.
  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Develop Push Notifications for Banco Popular Mi Banco Apps
  • Web development with Java, Spring Boot, Maven, Hibernate
  • Unit-testing & Junit
  • Agile experience
  • Flutter & Dart (Develop beautiful & fast apps for Android, IOS and Web with a single codebase)
  • HTML, CSS, JS & jQuery

Evertec, Inc.

Software Development Internship

  • Worked in a project (ATH Móvil Donation) where I had to design and implement an innovative solution with the ATH API, for the benefit of the company.
  • Learnt and applied different technologies to various projects, including but not limited to: Java, Spring MVC. Hibernate, Ajax, Web Services, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Sass, Velocity, etc.
  • Android development
  • Participated in daily meetings with team members to discuss my progress, and experienced the Agile methodology.
  • Presentation to Product Owner, where I would inform the progress of the requested changes.


Udemy, Coursera, Everywhere!

Jan 2010 - Present

Learning by myself

I consider myself self-taught, meaning I'm always looking to learn new stuff. On my free time, I will code a new app, or learn a new language.

National University College

Sept 2015 - Nov 2017

Bachelor in Network Administration & App Development

Completed the 4 years bachelor in 2 years with a 4.00 GPA, with perfect attendance. Also served as mentor and tutor for fellow students in the technology classes.


Covid Tracker in SwiftUI

A Covid tracking app, created using SwiftUI. Also, includes network calls, multiple screens, and dark mode.

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Banking App in Flutter

Banking app made with Flutter Framework. This app is completely responsive, with beautiful animations and responsive design.

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My Web Portfolio

My web portfolio made in HTML, CSS, JS & Sass, with beautiful animations and responsive.

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Upcoming multiplatform app made in Flutter. This will be a PR chat where people can speak randomly. Responsive design and support for dark mode.

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As I like to learn, I also like to study to take certifications and earn them, this are the certifications I currently hold:


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